State of iOS Gaming in 2019

– Guys, I’ve got my hands on the new 11 inch iPad Pro. And because of this today we’re going to have a look at what is the current state of gaming on iOS devices. So, gaming on iOS has always been incredibly popular. The app store is one of the most iconic and well known places for downloading games on a mobile device.

But in recent years with the addition of Metal support we’re seeing more amazing games with high end graphics and amazing vistas come to our platform. We’re also seeing new hardwares that have new improved chips and stunning HD displays. Because of this new hardware we’re also seeing more augmentive reality games.

So, for this video I’m going to be demonstrating all these games on this 11 inch iPad Pro. Doing this will give us the best ability to see what it is like to play more high end games. And the GPU here offers Xbox One S performance which is really remarkable. So let’s get into having a look at some of the games here. Right, so the first game we have here is Sky which is an upcoming game.

Luckily the developers gave me a beta code for the game so we’re able to see what it offers in an early access state. It’s going to be an online kind of crop game where you can explore worlds with people and you have to kind of collect light. This is going to be an Apple exclusive game at first How the hell do I jump Alright there we go This is going to be an Apple exclusive game at first for Mac, iOS and Apple TV which is really cool that the developers are showing such love and dedication towards our platforms which is really nice. This is a really breathtaking game, it’s got great vistas and it’s just such small little details like right now I’m just spinning on the ground there. But this game is a very good example of what developers are doing with the Metal API on our system.

Creating breathtaking vistas and just really exciting game play. Next I wanted to talk about a new service added to the iOS app store which is PS4 remote play. This app allows you to access your PS4 wherever you go via Wifi connection. You can use the onscreen controller to control your PS4.

It’s worth noting that a DualShock 4 controller, and using your own mobile data is currently not supported on the app. But regardless, it’s a great new feature if you’re away from home and want to play some of your favorite PS4 games. Or if someone is using the TV and you can’t use it.

Alright up next we have GRID Autosport. So this game was ported iOS by Feral Interactive back in 2017. However in late 2018, this game has been heavily updated for iOS.

And this is just a phenomenal game that is basically a console game that has been ported to iOS. Now what’s also good about this game is that it offers full controller support. Which is great because I’m really bad at playing with just my fingers. Also with this stupid thing in my hand. So let’s just pause the game and I’ll get a controller that we can use, a bluetooth one. So here we have the SteelSeries Nimbus which is sold by Apple.

I don’t have a case for this iPad so to stand it up I’m just going to use four little blocks of wood. Bit unorthodox but hey, you do what you do. This is a really great game that is demonstrating controller support here. Yeah this is offering pretty much a console experience right here on your iOS and it is just stunning. This game has remarkable graphics, it has car damage and this iPad Pro is a great demonstration of the gaming power offered by GRID Autosport. Alright so up next we have, I don’t know how to play this game but it’s NBA 2K mobile basketball.

These guys who brought these games to iOS have always been great because they pretty much bring the whole fully fleshed out experience to the palm of your hands. Now this new NBA version offers great, great features for the iOS. So NBA has seamless motion matchmaking and inverse kinetics. Now this can deliver an ultimate number of animations here.

Which means all fans in the background are individually rendered. All details on player bodies is just to the point where they’ve got sweat, they’ve got pinholes in jerseys they’ve got detail in the hair and we’ve got actual personal tattoos by the NBA players themselves. And it overs anti-aliasing I think it’s pronounced and we’ve got HDR bloom and depth of field. This is all running at a seamless 60 frames per second here.

Incredible. Alright, so the next game we have here is Assassins Creed Rebellion. Now I’m only going to quickly talk over this game because it has one major feature. Which is that it can run at 120 frames per second on here because this is a 120 Hertz display. So it really does show here. It is just so seamless, if you’ve never experienced 120 frames, it is just remarkable compared to 60 frames.

If you’re into frame rates, you’re in for a real treat here. Up next is Shadowgun the Legends. Which is my favorite first person shooter game on iOS.

– Wanna kick some alien ass? – Shadowgun legends offers great graphics and also really exciting gameplay that is similar to Destiny. Okay, so this is the first level but it’s still a good demonstration. So this iPad Pro allows me to play at this game’s ultra quality settings.

So I’m playing ultra-high 60 frames per second and it looks great. This game can also work on iOS devices ranging all the way back to like the iPad Air 2 it’s very well optimized but it does look fantastic on more high end iOS devices such as this iPad Pro. But, yeah this is a really great game and I said it’s quite similar to Destiny being able to play online with other players and also being able to go to different worlds like to missions, it’s just a really, it’s a great fully fleshed experience that you can expect from this game. Here we have my favorite AR game which is Euclidean Skies. Now this game can be in the normal mode or obviously in the AR mode. You scan your surface, which in this instance is my table and you can see a little bit of the set.

Whoah, I’m right on the side of it. So here we have I don’t know what you call this but the level with this girl you basically have to move her to the end of this path here to the door. You can move level around, you can move all the different axes if that’s what you call it but let’s get this girl to the end of this level. So we can spin this little dinosaur arm that way, spin her that way, move her there. Back over here, where is she?

And then, I can kill this man and then I can go to the door. And then you pretty much move on to the next level. There’s also another AR game which is Kings of Pool. Okay so, let’s put the pool table right here. And as you can see, it’s all stuck to the environment and when you move around it stays there, which is really good. So let’s have a little bit of a shot here, Pull this back.

Bang. In general, I’m not very good at pool. Okay so here we have My Caterpillar which is our next AR game. And this one is obviously a children’s game but it just gives you a really good demonstration of the AR possibilities here.

You get to interact with this little caterpillar, and you can give him little toys to play with. See it’s all tracking to this table and as you move around it’s all still there. And because of the really great camera on this iPad Pro it’s all able to track in real time. Here we have everyone’s favorite iOS game it’s one of the most downloaded apps on iOS it’s obviously Fortnite. Fortnite has recently added controller support. While the iOS hand controls were fine, things are just so much better with this controller.

(sounds of chopping wood) This game is able to run at its epic quality setting and at the epic settings for the quality it is running at 30 frames per second but then at high settings it’s able to run at 60 frames per second. I’m not going to play much of this game because everyone knows everything about it already. Isn’t that just lovely?

Isn’t that just a lovely design? I would live in that if I had the chance. So, the last thing I want to talk about is screen mirroring right to a television or a display using the Apple TV. You can just go on your iOS device, screen mirroring and then you can connect right to your display.

This is great because it can be just like playing a console you can sit back on a couch and just enjoy yourself. So let’s beat up NBA. Now obviously the iPad is at an aspect ratio of four by three so that’s why it isn’t taking up the whole screen real estate but it still looks really good in my opinion. And it really does demonstrate how great this game does work. And it’s still able Okay no, okay So that is gaming on iOS today in 2019. It is pretty good, we’ve got some really great high end games on this system now thanks to the addition of Metal.

Metal has been around for a while but it’s getting better and better with more developers utilizing this framework to bring really great games to our system. And AR is finally starting to take off. It’s not fully there yet but we are seeing some really creative things that companies are doing. Even if it is just a children’s game it’s still really cool. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did, you know what to do leave a like and subscribe for more content about iOS gaming.

Thanks for watching. Bye.