Organic and Soft Spread margarine Manufacturers

October 20, 2021 , margarine manufacturers

With the rise of the ‘green movement’ in the recent years, many people have started their own organic margarine businesses. These new businesses aim to create a healthier life style by using all natural ingredients in the production of their margarine products. In the US alone there are approximately 20 margarine manufacturers. These companies use a range of vegetable oils to produce margarine. Organic margarine is produced with oils which are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Organic vegetable fats are produced from crops which have had their seeds eaten through by insects. The seeds then contain highly concentrated plant fats which can only be dispersed when they are cracked open. To disperse the oils, the sprouts are put into a heated environment and then ground up. The seeds of plants which cannot bear fruit seeds are left on the ground. To make sure that the oils are evenly distributed, they are mixed with food processing liquid.

Organic margarine manufacturers have been able to reduce the amount of trans fats which are found in many modern food products. Trans fats are widely used in food packaging because they offer a good solidification base for many foods. However, research is now showing that these chemical agents have a harmful impact on our health. Other organic margarine manufacturers have introduced their own ranges of alternative vegetable fats which are much healthier and therefore proving that we no longer need to be dependent on the use of chemically based food processing agents.

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