Online Sports Betting

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Do You Think America Is Ready For Sports Betting? We Are Naive If We Don’t Think It’s Happening Illegally In Large Scale Already. We Already Participate In Betting With Friends Whether That’s An Ncaa Pool Or Whatever. I Think People Will Want To Bet On Sports As They Watch It.

It’s In England Right Now On Every Corner. A Lot Of People Said If It Were To Be Expanded Or Legalized, It’s Not The Big Casinos Or Sports Books. It’s Something To Do Online Or On An App On Your Phone. Like Matt Said, It’s Already Happening. They Talk About The Integrity Of The Game, And I Think If We Were Worried About That, Wouldn’t We Work More About Fantasy Football — Why Are You Laughing? I’m Just Laughing That Tom Brady Is Concerned About John’s Football Matchup.

All Four Major Leagues Are Against This. They Don’t Want To See Expanded Sports Betting Because They Argue It Could Hurt The Game If You Is Players Who Will Alter Their Performance Or Refs, Even, Which We Have Seen An Example Of. Pete Rose Is The Most Famous Case. He Was Caught Betting On Baseball Games, And He’s Been Banned From Baseball For Life, Back In 1989.

He’s Out? No, There’s Been Several Pushes To Get Him In The Hall Of Fame, But It’s Never Come To Fruition. I Think Baseball Players And All Athletes Are Making So Much Money Right Now, I Just Don’t Know If They Could Really Be Swayed The Way They Were In The Past.

To Risk Their Career? To Throw The Game Or Shave Points? The Nba Commissioner Has Shown Flexibility On The Idea Of Allowing Betting On Nba Games In Recent Years.

They Are Moving Towards That Idea As Well. It’s Not Just The Sports League Verses Betters. I Think It’s Just The Ideas Changing Towards That.

Seems Like A Waste Of Time And Money To Fight This. Four States Where It’s Legal. Interesting The Supreme Court Decided To Take It Up This Time.