Keno Betting

Learning the bets is the part of learning the rules of keno. There are various keno bets, including straight bets and way bets. These bets are the most elementary bets. Other bets provide players the option of selecting the size of wager, whether small or large. The various keno bets are explained below

Straight Bets: Straight bets allow players to select single keno numbers on which to wager. Players can select up to fifteen numbers in a single game, against which the house draws 20. A few online casinos allow wagering on as many as 40 numbers. The lowest allowable bet is $1.

Way Bets: Way bets are keno bets in which players wager on groups of numbers within the same keno game. Way bets are most complicated keno bets as players must pick assorted combinations of numbers from preferred numbers. But way bets do have an advantage that they have a greater opportunity of giving small, consistent wins.

Split Bets: The split keno bet is another bet where you can mark multiple groups of numbers within the same keno game. The groups of numbers selected are marked by a line or circle. Players who wager $2 on each group carry a $4 total bet.

Combination Bets & King Numbers: A combination keno bet involves combining various straight bets on one ticket in different styles. A king keno bet is simply a twist on the way bet. The difference between the two is that the king bet requires the player choose one or more of his selected numbers to be king numbers.

Learning how to play keno is the first step to enjoy the game. Always remember, keno is not about winning or losing, it is about having fun. The keno rules are very simple.

There are three general rules that should be kept in mind when playing online keno game.

1. The higher numbers of coins wagered means the higher payouts.

2. The more numbers you select, the less they will match.

3. Payouts depend not only on how many numbers match, but also on how many numbers are chosen to play.

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