Detroit: Become Human (React: Gaming)

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-Whoo! – And Kenneth might have just gotten this. – That was such a close one. – There it is.

– (FBE) This Sunday is the grand finale of our multi generational tournament with the kids, teens, and adults battling it out in Injustice 2, but if you’re tuning in on Tuesday between noon and 3 PM Pacific, we’re live right now gaming with our subs, so after this episode, head on over to See you there. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Detroit: Become Human.

– Ooh, I’m excited. I’ve been really wanting to play this. – It’s a choice based game. I heard a lot about this. – Oh, okay. – People have been requesting this like crazy and apparently, it’s really good.

– (FBE) Detroit: Become Human is a decision based game, meaning your choices have consequences and they affect every other aspect of the story. We’re just gonna have you check out the first part of this very heavily fan requested game. – Okay. I like decision based games.

– We’re doing this together, so we’re probably gonna have to make decisions together, which means we’re probably gonna clash heads. – Are we? – At a few points, we might. – I don’t know. – We might. Let’s get to [bleep] playing!

Let’s do it. This looks so good. “Negotiator on site.” – I feel like I’m watching a movie right now. – This is beautiful.

– Whoa, whoa. Look down, look down. Look at all that water. – Where, on the floor? – Yeah. – Oh yeah.

– Did something break? Is that an aquarium? – Is that a fish tank?

I love fish tanks. – Oh no, there’s a fish. – Oh my God, put it back. – Save it! – Processing data.

Dwarf Gourami from India. – So it just sort of gets everything? Oh wait, we can put it in. Save it.

Oh, this is our first choice. – Let’s save it, let’s save it. – Let’s save it.

– I’m trying to be a good person. – Save it, save it. – We should have left it. – Why not? It’s a fish. – Okay, we’re definitely saving this.

– He probably jumped out of the freaking tank. Here you go, little homie. – I’m even wondering if this is gonna be kind of like Until Dawn, where certain actions that you make effect your character, so how much compassion you have and things like that. – Yeah, yeah. – The house is really nice. – Oh, oh.

– (woman) Please, you gotta save my little girl. – He’s an android. – Oh. – (woman) You can’t do that. Why aren’t you sending a real person?

– I mean, androids are kinda dope in the sense of being real people more or less. – “Find Captain Allen.” – The other thing, we’re also talking about her daughter, so… – Why are we assigned android negotiator? Oh, it’s a hostage situation. [Bleep]. All right, find Captain Allen.

– Okay, which is the dude in the yellow over there. – Okay. – There we go.

– (Connor) Captain Allen. My name is Connor. I’m the android sent by CyberLife. – He looks really shady. I don’t trust him.

– (Allen) It already shot down two of my men. – “It.” – (Allen) We could easily get it, but they’re on the edge of the balcony. – “They could easily get it.”

– (Allen) She falls. – “If it falls,” so maybe it’s an android. – Deviant’s name, deviant’s behavior, emotional shock, deviant’s name. – (Connor) Do you know its name? – (Allen) I haven’t got a clue. Does it matter?

– How? – (Connor) I need information to determine the best approach. – Behavior. – Let’s ask for their behavior, right?

Deviant’s behavior. – Depends, yeah. – Hurry, there’s a timer. Press square.

– (Connor) If it’s been behaving strangely before this? – (Allen) I haven’t got a clue. Does it matter?

– Yes it does. – Oh crap, we have a time thing. Just go… – Emotional shook. – Emotional shock. – Shock, shock.

– (Connor) Has it experienced an emotional shock recently? – (Allen) I haven’t got a clue. Listen, saving that kid is all that matters. So either you deal with this [bleep] android now.

– It’s an android. – Oh, whoa. Okay, so we’re on a time crunch now. – Okay, let’s see. Locate the hostage. Okay, it gives us options, so let’s go– – Let’s go locate her.

– Analyze. – “Use the right stick to move the cursor.” So look around the case.

– Okay, analyze that one then. – Reconstruct? – Oh, there it is. Okay.

– Oh, this is so cool. Okay. Oh, it’s doing a play by play. – Oh, and then triangle when we’re in the yellow. Okay, go again to the right. Yeah.

So we’re looking at it, so he brought down the suitcase like that. Oh, he took his father’s gun. – Oh, he’s rebuilding– he’s like, capturing the person’s memories. – Oh, see? That helped our probability of success. – What else can we look at?

– Now we know the person has a gun. – Yeah. – So okay, so let’s check where all the people in there.

– Huh. – All the people are pointed towards that way, so look over there. – There we go, search hostage’s room. – Yeah, cool. – Go in there.

We looked at the gun and it upped our probabilities of success. – Yeah. – So, we should check that out. – Okay. – Maybe it can increase it.

– Yeah. – And it was the best day ever. – Oh, so hostage didn’t hear the gunshots, so that’s why she was able to get taken. – Okay.

– Oh, her computer. – Examine. – (girl) This is Daniel, the coolest android in the world. – Yo, did he go rogue?

– (both) Deviant’s name is Daniel. – We got it then. Okay, so this is the one that took her. It’s Daniel.

– This is messed up, man. – “You’ve unlocked dialogue for action, often beneficial.” So now we have some talking points, so it looks like Daniel is an android that maybe works for the family.

– I think the family did something and it caused him to react in the way he did. – “Understand what happened.” – Look down at your feet here. There might have been some more of the broken glass. – Oh, there’s another guy right there. – There we go.

– There’s a guy right there. – Oh, is that the dad? – I think so. – Yep.

– Bullet wound. – Another bullet wound. – I think this is just gonna tell us the bullet wounds, then. Just exit out of it. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, okay.

Follow the direction of their guns, ’cause I wanna see what’s happening. – Dang. – That’s fricked. – This almost seems like it was a vendetta against the dad. He got shot that many times?

– You wanna reconstruct it? – Yeah. – “Father was holding something.” – So let’s see where it went?

Oh, look back at it. There it is. – Kinda like CSI right now.

All right, take this. What is this? Unlock. – Oh, they were gonna order a new one. – He put a $9000 down payment?

That’s all I saw. – That’s why then the deviant did this was ’cause he’s being replaced. – Jealousy, jealousy. – (gunshots) – Oh Jesus. – That scared the crap out of me.

– (gunshots) – Whoa, whoa. – Oh my God, where are we… – Okay, we have to move in. – Let’s go out, ’cause they’re on the balcony, ’cause it’s like, if the android falls, she’ll fall too, so we are not losing this. – Go outside. – (girl screams) – Oh my God. – Oh.

– Hostage located. – (Daniel) Don’t come any closer or I’ll jump. – (girl) No, no, please.

I’m begging you. – You notice his little ring on the side is red. – I don’t think we have wings.

– Name? – Name. – (Connor) My name is Connor. – Hi, Connor.

– (Connor) What about you? – We love you. – (Connor) What is your name?

– (Daniel) Daniel. – Oh, he got shot hard. – [Bleep], glad I chose– – Oh, name.

Use his name, yes. – (Connor) Hi Daniel. My name is Connor. I’ve come to get you out of this. – Okay, okay. So we did good.

We got more information. – Okay, we gotta get closer, but we also have to watch ourselves, ’cause then he might– oh no. – We have 31%. – Destabilizing, oh no. “You can move and talk at the same time.”

– Reassure him. – Reassure him? – Reassure him, reassure him.

– Calm, calm, calm, calm. – Okay, okay calm. – Calm and walk towards him.

– (Connor) But you need to trust me. – What is that, L1? – This view. All right, he’s [bleep] up. – Another dead body.

Okay, yeah. So calming helped. – Possible cause. – Emma and you. No, let’s bring up Emma and you, ’cause that’s– yeah, see?

Okay, now slowly approach as you’re talking to him. – (Connor) You think she betrayed you, but she’s done nothing wrong. – (Daniel) She lied to me.

– Okay, it’s going up, we’re fine. – (Daniel) I thought she loved me. – Don’t move closer, don’t move closer.

Possible cause? Let’s do that. Press triangle. – (Connor) They were going to replace you and you became upset.

– (Daniel) I thought I was part of the family. – It’s helping. – Let’s go, Tori. Social behavior, right here. Let’s go. – Sympathetic?

– Sympathetic. – Yeah. – Sympathetic. – Sympathetic.

– Now slowly closer as you’re talking. – Sympathetic. – Sympathetic, okay. – (Connor) Listen, I know it’s not your fault. – Okay, we got close enough.

– (Connor) These emotions you’re feeling are just errors in your software. – Okay. – Ah.

– (Daniel) I never wanted this. – I feel like I’m moving way too fast. – Yeah, maybe slow down a little bit. – Okay. – Look, it’s turning green. It’s going green.

Don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him. – (Daniel) But I was nothing to them. Just a slave… – Told you. – Blaming? – Blaming. – (Connor) Look what you did.

– Oh no, oh no. – I thought we were gonna blame the humans. – I thought we were too.

– Oh, 33. – Oh no. – (Daniel) I just wanted to be someone. – It’s okay. – Oh no, no.

Don’t shoot at them. – (Daniel) Tell that helicopter to get out of here. – Yeah, accept, accept.

– Okay. – Accept, yeah. You gotta go. – (man) The situation is under control.

– You gotta gain the trust. – (Daniel) I want everyone to leave. – Everyone better go.

– (Daniel) And I want a car. – Send everybody out right now. – (both) Compromise. – Just do it.

– Compromise. Let’s meet in the middle. – (Connor) That’s impossible, Daniel. – You can’t tell it to them like that, though. – (Connor) And I promise you won’t be hurt. – Okay.

– We have to compromise. – What does “sacrifice self” mean? Or compromise?

– You pick one. Pick one. – Wait, I shouldn’t have done that.

– Grab her? I think she’s safe. – Goodness, that was risky.

Oh my gosh. – Wait, why do robots bleed? – I have to put the controller down. Just oh my gosh. – Mission successful. – Yay.

Look, a win is a win, okay? – Reassure, reassure. – Reassure. – (Connor) You’re not going to die. We’re just going to talk. – Okay, cool, cool.

– Okay, we were able to… – Is he gonna let her go? – Reassure, reassure. – (Connor) You’re not going to die. We’re just going to talk.

– We’re just gonna talk. – (Connor) You have my word. – Ah, come– I’m on the edge of my seat. – He’s on the edge, too. – (Daniel) I trust you.

– Oh my God. We won his trust. Oh, and she’s wounded.

Yeah, okay. – Don’t kill yourself. (gasp) – Oh. – They’re gonna shoot him. I knew it! Can’t trust anybody.

– That’s [bleep], man. – He has no emotion. – Ha, bitch you thought. – I love this. I know we just experienced something really sad, but I love this whole story. – That was dope.