Online Sports Betting

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Do You Think America Is Ready For Sports Betting? We Are Naive If We Don’t Think It’s Happening Illegally In Large Scale Already. We Already Participate In Betting With Friends Whether That’s An Ncaa Pool Or Whatever. I Think People Will Want To Bet On Sports As They Watch It.

It’s In England Right Now On Every Corner. A Lot Of People Said If It Were To Be Expanded Or Legalized, It’s Not The Big Casinos Or Sports Books. It’s Something To Do Online Or On An App On Your Phone. Like Matt Said, It’s Already Happening. They Talk About The Integrity Of The Game, And I Think If We Were Worried About That, Wouldn’t We Work More About Fantasy Football — Why Are You Laughing? I’m Just Laughing That Tom Brady Is Concerned About John’s Football Matchup.

All Four Major Leagues Are Against This. They Don’t Want To See Expanded Sports Betting Because They Argue It Could Hurt The Game If You Is Players Who Will Alter Their Performance Or Refs, Even, Which We Have Seen An Example Of. Pete Rose Is The Most Famous Case. He Was Caught Betting On Baseball Games, And He’s Been Banned From Baseball For Life, Back In 1989.

He’s Out? No, There’s Been Several Pushes To Get Him In The Hall Of Fame, But It’s Never Come To Fruition. I Think Baseball Players And All Athletes Are Making So Much Money Right Now, I Just Don’t Know If They Could Really Be Swayed The Way They Were In The Past.

To Risk Their Career? To Throw The Game Or Shave Points? The Nba Commissioner Has Shown Flexibility On The Idea Of Allowing Betting On Nba Games In Recent Years.

They Are Moving Towards That Idea As Well. It’s Not Just The Sports League Verses Betters. I Think It’s Just The Ideas Changing Towards That.

Seems Like A Waste Of Time And Money To Fight This. Four States Where It’s Legal. Interesting The Supreme Court Decided To Take It Up This Time.

Deer lord a party card game

Hi! I’m Dries, this is Dennis. Together we made a party game called DEER LORD! The game is perfect for a group of friends who like to manipulate, deceive and confuse each other.

The game consists out of 2 types of cards. The DUEL cards are fought between 2 players. But the core of the game lies with the cards that tell you to ‘do something’. The other players have to notice, but don’t be too obvious, or you’ll be caught- Like a deer in the headlights! One of the best strategies is acting totally random, so the other players don’t know if you’re ‘doing something’… or you’re just creating a diversion. Let’s play!

To begin, everyone draws 5 cards. Let’s see who’s playing. Bridget kicks off the game by challenging Ruth to a Duel. They both have to compete and prove ‘who can tell the most exciting story?’ Ruth is rrreally going for it. She’s even using props!

The other players agree she was the clear winner. Ruth places the card face-up on the table. She’ll get to use it later. But, there was something else going on. It’s Ellie’s turn now, and she reveals that she ‘did something’ during the last duel. A card told her to play roulette games free.

The others definitely remember seeing her do that just a minute ago. Ellie places the card face-up on the table. Looks like Charlotte is getting a call.

Bo finds it mighty suspicious that there was no ringtone and asks to see the phone. It wasn’t even turned on!? DEER LORD, Charlotte! You were definitely ‘doing something’. She was exposed, so Charlotte has to replace the ‘do something’ card.

As a reward for his keen observation, Bo gets to swap any card from his hand. Now Bridget is acting weird… Ruth accuses her of ‘doing something’ by yelling ‘DEER LORD!’ Naaah, it was all a diversion! As punishment for her false accusation, Ruth either draws a new card or, she may discard a face-up one instead. The game goes on until, finally, Ellie plays her last card. She has no more cards in her hand which makes her the winner!

Well played, Ellie, you deserve ALL the glory! …but that’s not all. Customize your game experience by adding one or more of the following 6 expansions. They really add some flavor to the game… BROADWAY Perform your heart out, conquer the spotlight.

GANGSTA Act tough, earn street cred. GEEK – Prove your superior intellect and pop culture knowledge. MEAN – Start fights, sabotage the game and roast your friends. FLIRTY – Make it all about seduction, temptation and attraction. ASYLUM – All the craziest cards put together will send youz flying over the cuckoo’s nest.

Keno Betting

Learning the bets is the part of learning the rules of keno. There are various keno bets, including straight bets and way bets. These bets are the most elementary bets. Other bets provide players the option of selecting the size of wager, whether small or large. The various keno bets are explained below

Straight Bets: Straight bets allow players to select single keno numbers on which to wager. Players can select up to fifteen numbers in a single game, against which the house draws 20. A few online casinos allow wagering on as many as 40 numbers. The lowest allowable bet is $1.

Way Bets: Way bets are keno bets in which players wager on groups of numbers within the same keno game. Way bets are most complicated keno bets as players must pick assorted combinations of numbers from preferred numbers. But way bets do have an advantage that they have a greater opportunity of giving small, consistent wins.

Split Bets: The split keno bet is another bet where you can mark multiple groups of numbers within the same keno game. The groups of numbers selected are marked by a line or circle. Players who wager $2 on each group carry a $4 total bet.

Combination Bets & King Numbers: A combination keno bet involves combining various straight bets on one ticket in different styles. A king keno bet is simply a twist on the way bet. The difference between the two is that the king bet requires the player choose one or more of his selected numbers to be king numbers.

Learning how to play keno is the first step to enjoy the game. Always remember, keno is not about winning or losing, it is about having fun. The keno rules are very simple.

There are three general rules that should be kept in mind when playing online keno game.

1. The higher numbers of coins wagered means the higher payouts.

2. The more numbers you select, the less they will match.

3. Payouts depend not only on how many numbers match, but also on how many numbers are chosen to play.

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Some Useful Tips for Making Money from Blackjack

Blackjack has become a very popular game among the people because it is easy to play and requires less knowledge about casino gaming. You can reduce the house edge up to 1 percent if you employ some basic blackjack strategy. No other casino game offers that much low house edge.

No matter where you play on internet or on a land based casino you must know the rules of the game. There are many informative blackjack sites that present blackjack rules in details and comprehensive manner. There are many variations in blackjack gaming so it is quite impossible for one to remember all the rules of a particular game. Besides, some of these rules vary from house to house. But if you know the basics, you will be able to pick up other rules quite easily.

Stop running behind 21. The secret is beating the dealer that is you have to have a card total which is enough to beat the house. Congratulation if you get a natural blackjack, but remember that does not assure your win. If the house also gets a natural blackjack the game is then will be pushed further ahead. You must not play with your gut rather use your strategy to beat the house. Because strategy can win you games. It’s not wise to hit if your strategy says you to stand. Playing with gut may increase the house edge up to 6 percent.

Gaming environment is the main difference between the online blackjack and traditional land based blackjack. Some people feel that real land based black jack houses are very noisy and crow die and they can’t focus on their keep. Well if this is the case for you, then you should better switch on to playing online casino. There you can play in the comfort of your house and there will be no one to distract you from your game. Besides online black jack offers free games, so you can even earn money without losing any. Beginners are recommended to take part at these free games to enhance their real time gaming experience.

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